Second Semester goals

Hoping for a better half.

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Second Semester goals

Kailen Theel, Staffer

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Being a Freshman in high school, I didn’t expect to do as good as I did did better than I thought I was, but I had procrastinated on my homework, I didn’t study for tests in big classes, and I didn’t do anything during my off.

Like most kids over break, I promised myself that I would fix my minor and major issues for the second semester. I want to turn my semester around and be ahead of my work.

For me, I knew that I could have done better first semester. I have the opportunity to watch what mistakes my brother makes and not do the same with my life. My first goal is to not watch Netflix when I get home from school, and instead start my homework or practice for softball so I don’t have to later. This can help with procrastination. It isn’t a self hidden secret that I stall when it comes to my homework.

Another thing that I need to stop doing semester two is staying up really late on my phone. The main reason I stay up late on my phone is to relax before I go to bed and not be so focused on my school work, but it makes me really tired in the morning, and I can’t focus at school. I should be getting more than 8 hours of sleep, but I’m getting about 7. I doesn’t seem like much, but it makes me really tired and I can feel the difference.

The last major thing that I should fix is that I need to stop hanging out with friends during my off period. It is the most unproductive period from last semester. I feel like I could use my off period to study or finish homework before I go home. I can fix this by using a homework folder, and put my red day stuff in there so that I can bring it to school.

I want to be the most successful student I can possibly be. If I try to fix these things, I will be successful for the rest of my school life. I want my first semester to be a learning experience, and the rest of high school to be better every semester that I’m here.


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