Revoked Classes in the 2023-24 School Year


Zakary Peterson, Co-Editor

Concurrent Enrollment, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate are all programs that offer more challenging classes with rigorous material to students at Smoky Hill High School. But in the coming year, some of these classes that were going to be offered have been taken away from students who want to go to the higher level so they can get credits for reduced prices and transfer them to the college they want to go to.

“My AP Macro and Microeconomics class has been taken away from my registration as well as CE Political Science. I plan on going into the field and majoring in Political Science as a major and furthering my education beyond that at a law school,” Parker Lourier (11) said.

Lourier was not the only one to get classes revoked, Russell Leech (11) was intending to take IB Physics in the 2023-24 school year but he had to switch to another IB class instead as it was gone off his course registration. In addition to those classes being revoked, CE African Studies was removed off students’ schedules which reduces diverse education at Smoky Hill as students are unable to further their knowledge surronding African culture, identity, and policies beyond US History.