Register My Athlete

Participate in spring sports


Alexandra Lopez, Staffer

Registration is now open for the spring sports season. These include Baseball, Girls’ golf, Boys’ and girls’ Lacrosse, Girls’ soccer, Boys’ Swim & Dive, Girls’ Tennis, and Track and Field. If a student does not attend in our community, they will have to complete the athletic transfer.

Registration is required to be completed by February 25th; February 21st for Boys’ swim & dive. Athletes require Online registration, a physical form on file, payments, and cleared by the athletics office to register. Otherwise, will be prohibited from tryouts and the first day of practice.

Physicals are valid for one year. If not valid from the last exam date, UC Health is currently offering $30 physicals at all Urgent Care locations. 

Right now it is only the pre-season. The actual season doesn’t start until February 28th. Track and field don’t have any tryouts. You sign up and show up to practice.

“Practice is different each time. We do different workouts every day, sometimes we’re in the weight room, or sometimes on the track,” Aiden Silva said. “But usually, we do a warm-up around the track, then get to practice which is either running more than a mile, running an 800 on the track, or doing hilltop runs.”

Some will have to cut athletes from a team depending on the sport. Due to a variety of reasons. For instance, lack of athletic ability, limited numbers needed for a team, or most importantly the safety of a student.

Attending a meeting about a month before the season begins is strongly recommended for interscholastic sports. Meeting details will be posted around the school and participants will be notified by school email.

“Doing track helps me stay in shape & it interests me because out of all of the sports I’ve taken part in,  the track is the most fun. It helps me get faster & faster which is key for participating in other sports,” Silva said.