Problems with Smoky Hill Bathrooms

Bathrooms around the building need to be fixed and repaired for universal student use.


Lily Gibson, Staffer

If you have recently gone into a bathroom at Smoky, you’ll understand the chaos of its current state.

Broken or detached stalls happen to be in almost every bathroom. Some stalls have the lock completely broken off, making it so students cannot close or lock the stalls in some bathrooms. Not only are the stalls and locks broken, but other things such as the water in the sinks and even the soap dispensers are in need of repairs. 

They are also dirty and unhygienic. Students leave trash all over the floors, sinks and stalls. Sinks will have papers or toilet paper crumbled and discarded in them, along with the floors having food or other things thrown onto them. This makes the whole bathroom look trashed and littered. 

Another current problem is the locked bathrooms. Teachers or staff forget to unlock bathrooms for students in the mornings, or inside the bathrooms, students having access to the lock will lock it themselves. This leaves students not able to get into the bathrooms around the school.

This also leads to bathrooms being busy, students will find the only open bathrooms and it will attract people faster, making it so the wait time is longer than it usually should take to even get into a stall. 

This creates problems for the students and the school. Constant repairs are needed, including consistent cleaning and bathrooms being unlocked. A student may be late to class trying to find a usable bathroom or maybe wasting time waiting for people to leave the restrooms.  

The school should be constantly checking on these things, keeping up on repairs, and unlocking bathrooms. And students should pitch in and try to keep the bathrooms clean and fixed, collectively we all can keep the school clean and working properly.