Preparing for Poppins

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Preparing for Poppins

Kayla Cushing, Staffer

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The Mary Poppins musical will be March 10-12 at 7:15 p.m. “We started working on the musical since january,” said junior Amanda Lather.

A part of the musical is Tech. “I’m in tech, which is building the set for the musical,” Lather said. The difficulties that come with having two major parts of the musical is stressful for Lather. “One challenge I face with these two jobs is not having enough people to build and paint the set.

She is also the head of the make-up for the cast. A challenge is not having the correct make up for the character, people don’t always bring what they need,” said Lather.

“Working on the musical is tough because I feel like there is not enough time for all the things we have to get done,” said Lather

Within the musical there is Drama Club. In Drama Club, there are different positions and jobs people are assigned to. “I’m the club’s historian, which means I document every event we do, and at the end of the year I make all those pictures into a big slideshow,” said Lather.
Taking pictures of a group may sound fun, but there are challenges of being a member of the Drama Club.

“One of the biggest challenges was trying to get people to show up to our meetings. A lot of people don’t show up because they have other clubs or sports to go to,” said Lather.

Some challenges are tough to get through, but having people pitch in helps get past those challenges. Lather wants to help accomplish this in Drama Club.

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