Perfect Gifts for the Holiday Season for Teens

The question of what to get your friend, family member, or loved one will be answered with this gift guide for the upcoming holiday season


Sophia Gnyra, Staffer

As Thanksgiving is wrapping up, Christmas and Hanukkah are starting to take place. People are putting up their decorations and trying to find perfect gifts for their loved ones. Arguably, the most complicated person to shop for is teenagers. Here are some ideal gifts to get for them available on Amazon.


Who doesn’t like being cozy? Lots of teens love being cozy wrapped in a blanket as it gives them more comfort and makes their room seem homier. 

New shoes

A lot of kids love collecting and showing off their shoes at school. The link provided shows many different styles and colors of shoes that could add to your kid’s love for collecting them. 

New clothes

Teens always will appreciate clothes that add to their style. It gives them more options and just overall makes them feel good about themselves. 


Kids socialize through electronics whether it be online gaming or through social media on their phones. That is the way the world works now. 


Who doesn’t love music? It brings us together and kids especially love it cause they can bond through it with other kids. 

Video Games

Lots of kids play video games. It is a fun way to relax after a hard day and socialize again with friends digitally and just have fun.  

Perfume or Cologne

Sometimes the scent you are using might get old or you might get sick of it. It’s probably time to switch it up! The link provides several different perfumes and colognes that you might fancy. 


This possibly could be a fire hazard but if you have a teen you think will be responsible and loves the scent of relaxing candles, this is a perfect gift for them. 


Now, this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but many book lovers out there would greatly appreciate books for the holidays.

Tip: Ask them what book they want instead of buying them random ones. 

Fashion Accessories

Kids always love to spiff up their closets with new accessories for their clothes to match their style and have a sense of who they are. 

Room Decorations

Next to fashion accessories, kids also like to live in an excellent space that they call theirs. Some room decor that they would like is a perfect gift. 

Now that you have some insight into what you are thinking about for the special person, sit back relax and enjoy the holidays with your family!