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Parent for the Weekend

Child Development Class Hands Over Babies To Smoky Hill Students For The Weekend.

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Parent for the Weekend

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Arian Jensen, Staffer

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Students at Smoky Hill have the option to take a child development class where they learn different aspects of raising a child such as the cost, physical, and emotional connection as well as the different milestones each child should overcome and many of the students have the choice to take a baby home for the weekend and experience what it takes to take care of a baby and to be a parent. Junior, Taylor Broussard and Senior, Brittanie Dowd had the experience of having the baby for the weekend and they explain the process of taking home a baby.


“I originally picked a girl, but all of them started to break and so I got a boy and it is still the same and it is still fun and I like the class.” Dowd said.


Broussard said, “(Having the baby) was fun but it does show how when you see a baby you’re like aww its so cute, but you don’t think about the work that you have to put into it. The project is helpful and you learn a lot from it.” Many kids think that having a baby isn’t that hard and that anybody is able to do it, but when you take the class and realise what it actually takes to be a “parent” and all of the responsibilities that comes with it, you will think twice about your decision.


Both of the girls agreed that over the weekend the baby is time consuming, meaning you do not have time for other activities like hanging out, doing things with your friends and family, working, sleeping and doing what you normally do during the weekend. ”In school, I fell behind on homework, I would have to do it on an off period in school. It made it hard to go hangout with friends.” Said Dowd.


The baby cries a lot and losing sleep is a big factor in having the baby for the weekend. “The baby will go off six times in twenty minutes. I didn’t think I would stay up as late.” Dowd explained. Broussard also said, “The baby started crying and screaming at night, it needed its diaper changed and I had to wake up every two hours.”


“I would say that you should wait. You may think that you want to have a baby now, because they’re cute and everything, but they’re not cute when they cry at two in the morning and then you have work the next day or you have school the next day.” said Dowd.


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Parent for the Weekend