The Smoky Hill Craft Fair

The annual Fall Craft Fair was a hit for the community with vendors from several different small businesses joining students in the building

Oliver Hanover and Zakary Peterson

This weekend here at Smoky Hill was the annual craft fair. It had a huge turnout with many creative minds and families.

Doug DeLong was there as a participant selling homemade candle holders. For his business, Dug-E-Dee, the artwork is geared toward people who look for Scandinavian-type crafts. “ I like clean lines and very refined appearances. So somebody that has an eye for that  might like what I make.” DeLong said.

This business is a brand new start in his life and saw this as a great opportunity to get his art out to the world. Other vendors there such as Sompong brought their culture to the fair along with their amazing artwork.

“ I’m from Thailand, I have lived here for about 15 years, and I just love everything about it,” Sompng said. Not only does the place where she was born to inspire her but her son plays a big role in her art.

“ My mind truly is not the same as other people’s because my art truly represents young people’s fun and science,” she said. “ My son is an engineer and was like “ Mom you gotta sell these ones”’.

Apart from the patrons that showed up, there was a great turnout with guests walking around looking for gifts and treats for the holiday season. Kassen Bristol, a sophomore at Smoky Hill, was there helping out her mom with the stand and doing some shopping around. 

“The plan for the art I have purchased is to eat it of course because of the bread stand. Also to wear as well.” Bristol said.

Another student that showed up was Amy Sullivan another sophomore with a love for art. She was there to take a look around, supporting the small business community and culture. Specifically, with the pricing at the fair, she thought that it was perfectly understandable.

“They’re not going to be as cheap as Walmart things, but they also have a lot better quality and they have amazing culture and stories behind it.”

Although the craft fair has passed, there is always next year to go to our craft fair and support some more small businesses.

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  • A collection of decorative lanterns sit on a table to be sold at the Craft Fair.

  • A stained glass lamp and other lamps on a table to be sold during the Craft Fair.

  • A collection of decorative yellow soap flowers.

  • A vendor selling various soaps, chapsticks, and creams at the Craft Fair.

  • A couple crocheted family minions sit on a table to be sold at the Craft Fair.

  • Two vendors selling a variety of crocheted items such as scarves, minions, hats, and some sewn bags.

  • An artist sits next to his paintings to be sold at the Craft Fair.

  • A line of small snow globes to be sold at the Craft Fair.

  • Big turnout for vendors at the Craft Fair as the hallways were filled with holiday buyers.

  • A vendor set up their store filled with gnomes, earrings, and other holiday crafts.

  • Numerous buyers filled the hallways looking to buy various items.

  • Doung DeLong and his partner

  • Sompong and her jewelry

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