Opinion | Thanksgiving is a Top 5 Holiday

In comparison to the other holidays, Thanksgiving is more affordable and accessible for all


Jonathan Fonseca David, Staffer

As Halloween slowly comes to an end we have a new holiday to look forward to! No, it’s not Christmas it’s Thanksgiving. At this the time of year it’s necessary to put on your sweaters and hang out with family. Because there isn’t a whole lot about Thanksgiving, you might just think it’s a big dinner with your family.

But in reality, this a holiday where you spend time with family and friends and be thankful for everything you have.

There are many actives in to do during the weekend of Thanksgiving like watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, eating a traditional Thanksgiving meal and watching the NFL game on the day of Thanksgiving.

My favorite thing about this holiday is seeing family from different states that I barely get to see on a regular basis.

One really good thing about Thanksgiving is that we all love the food. The food for Thanksgiving varies with different cultures and family traditions.

For example, most of my family is from Mexico so we still eat the main traditional food like turkey or ham but we bring in some of our food like pozole, menudo and chicharrones.

Thanksgiving is a lot more accessible and widely celebrated than all the other holidays except Christmas but they are very close. The cost of Thanksgiving is less than the cost of Christmas and Halloween.

According to the report of Farm Bureau, the average cost of Thanksgiving dinner this year will be $64 for a 10-person dinner. On the other hand, the average cost per person on Halloween is $100 and the average cost on Christmas per person is $998 according to the latest data from the National Retail Federation (NRF).

This can be really good for saving money because Christmas is right around the corner and it is not cheap at all.  Everybody should appreciate Thanksgiving and realize what a good holiday it is and its benefits. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!