Opinion | Teachers Get Unfair Treatment

Teachers need to be respected more in the school environment


Faven Getnet, Staffer

The first thing I see when I get to class is students being disruptive, loud, on their phones, and disrespectful while the teacher tries to get their attention for the plan they’ve been planning for the day.

Teachers get lack of respect for how much they do for their students and the school.

Teachers can get paid way less than you expect. Most teachers struggle financially so some might need to get a second job to support themselves or their families. The average hourly pay for a teacher in the United States of America is $15.62 and it ranges from $9.62 to $22.60/mo.

Many people believe that teacher’s job is important but not important enough to be respected. Teachers in the United States of America believe that the status of their profession is lower than the general public does. A teacher teaches but the best teachers help us understand, help us become skilled people, and prepare for our future and present.

Grading students can be challenging even for teachers coming back home having to grade every paper student from every period is exhausting after teaching students, especially at the end of the year. Just for parents to blame the teacher on why their kid has an F in their class.

I believe the best thing to do for this situation is to treat our teachers as the hardworking people they are, instead of people who are labeled as villains from a student’s point of view.