Opinion | Hoonigan does it again!

The new car machine created by a Hoonigan and Honda collaboration that is changing the atmosphere of the car community


Kalani Winchester, Staffer

Hoonigan has done it again. Hoonigan, a team of legends in the car community, has built an amazing machine with Honda. They created a Honda Ridgeline truck with an IndyCar engine, stunning the whole car community. In my opinion, this will be the talk of Sema, which is basically a fashion show for cars. Hoonigan is one of the best car enthusiasts known. Kenneth Paul Block, the center of Hoonigan, is a professional rally car driver. In my opinion, Ken Block and his teams have yet to disappoint their fans in a car built for Sema. They always come up with the craziest car builds. From trucks, rallies, jdm, and lots more. To me their 2022 Nov. 4 Sema build was one of the wildest builds. It had lots of crazy parts that were showcased in the back. Truly a Monalisa of a truck. In this link, you can see their monster creation  HERE. I also love this build because it shows that you can build anything you set your mind to. If they really wanted they could have made it a jet-powered drag car. It’s just a matter of figuring out how and committing to the fullest. Just something about how they showcase the cars they build would make you fall in love with the cars like love at first sight. Overall they are definitely legends and for sure have and always will, leave a mark in the car community.