One Acts Are Coming Soon

Loralee Bandy, Staffer

One Acts are student directed plays that usually last 10-15 minutes. Smoky Hill will be performing their one acts on Mon. 21 and Tues. 22 in the cafeteria at 7:15 p.m. Entry is five dollars. 20140416-151220.jpg

According to Hanna Gollan, a sophomore who plays a major role in 13 Things About Ed Carpolotti by Jeffrey Hatcher,“Sammy Landau is doing one called Echo. Leonel [Leo] Falcone and Zakaria [Zack] Errazi are doing one called Hitting on Women 101.”

Those working on the one acts have been rehearsing after school, and on their own time to make the performance as good as it can be. They feel that they are mostly prepared for next week.

“It’s pretty good. It’s hard to get practice space for all the one acts, especially because of the Laredo’s musical [Hello, Dolly] which is going on.”

To be in one acts, students had to audition. The directors acted as a panel of judges, and each picked their cast. All of the acts are rehearsed each day until around 5 p.m.

Students involved have improved their skills and overcome challenges throughout the process.

“I have to memorize two pages of monologues and that’s probably the biggest challenge I’ve had and it is definitely the hardest to work on.”