No Innovation Spaces During Lunch?

What do students think about the school closing innovation spaces during lunch?

No Innovation Spaces During Lunch?

Jonathan Fonseca David, Staffer

In the school building, there are many spaces you can work at but during lunches, the school closes them down and no one can use them! This is a big concern and mystery to the students.

If you have 3R or 3G as an off period for about 62 minutes, innovation centers are closed due to lunches. Many students have different opinions about this and question why they do it.

“I think it is to clear the hallways of people, and also to not get any food on the furniture or around that area of the school,” said Javier Munoz Medellin Jr (9).

Should the school authorities allow students to hang out in the innovation spaces during lunches?

“Yeah, I think they should allow kids to hang out in the centers because it’s their free time anyway,” said Munoz Medellin Jr.

Students have expressed their opinions clearly that closing the innovation spaces during lunches wouldn’t serve any purpose.

“No, because there is no reason to close it, there are always teachers or deans watching the students in the innovation spaces so they can’t ruin the furniture or mess around,” said Omar Castillo-Hernandez (9).

Although many upperclassmen with driver’s licenses have the privilege to go off-campus during their off periods, freshmen aren’t as fortunate.

“I do not agree with closing the innovation center because this is basically our free time and where are we supposed to go as freshmen when the innovation center is closed?” said Castillo-Hernandez.

Because the innovation spaces are not accessible during lunch times, students have to resort to other places in the building.

“I usually have to work in the hallways or even go into the library most of the time,” said Samuel Kristjanson (9).

An overall consensus can be reached that opening the innovation spaces during lunches would be beneficial for students.

“I think it will be very beneficial since sometimes the library is closed during second lunch and with kids that have work, they can just work in the off-period areas,” said Kristjanson.

It can be inferred that many students think that there is no reasonable purpose to closing innovation centers during lunch. What do you think about this situation?