Netflix’s New Password Sharing Policy Has a Loop Hole

Netflix introduces a new password sharing policy that has some loose ends


Sophia Gnyra, Staffer

Netflix has started to share its new password policy which could take place sometime in March, according to Khou. This policy will add a monthly fee for password sharing on top of the subscription each month due to continued revenue loss.

Netflix also claims “it undermines our longs term ability to invest and improve Netflix,” according to CBS News. Netflix needs the money to produce more shows and to improve the quality of these new and old shows, which are being cancelled after only one or two seasons. For example, “Resident Evil,” “The Society” and many more. This has ultimately enraged fans of these shows. 

Netflix will implement this new policy through IP addresses, device IDs and account activity. On top of that, the account owner will have to approve verification for anyone outside of the household or in separate locations who wants access.

But there are loopholes that people have begun to find with this new policy.

On Tick-Tock, creators have started to discover mobile devices such as laptops, iPhones, iPads or others do not count as separate locations. Apparently, air-playing Netflix from a phone to a TV is a way to get around password sharing. 

Following this loophole will make sure users won’t be dropped with the $2.99 fee on top of the $9.99-$19.99 monthly fee depending on whether you have the “Basic Standard” or “Premium” account, which determines whether there are ads with streaming or not.

As Netflix implements this new policy in the upcoming months, users can save their hard-earned cash with these hacks.