Movie Review | “She Said” Gives Light to the Power of Voices


Universal Pictures

Oliver Hanover, Staffer

After so many years of allegations and silence, voices were heard in a deeper aspect with the new movie “She Said”. The movie was released on November 18, 2022, and was directed by Maria Schrader. The whole premise of the movie is to let the voices of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault and rape victims be heard with more understanding of them.

Reporters from the New York Times, Megan Twohey, and Jodi Kantor want to expose the workplace of its leisure towards powerful men in the film industry especially. They mainly focus on Harvey Weinstein and his allegations to make them more seen by the public.

Twohey and Kantor go all over the world to speak to multiple of his ex-coworkers and stars. But with how powerful Winestien is; he has already paid half of them to stay quiet. Scared to come out about it half of the women are still quiet but they still write the article and expose Winestien for all he has done. 

I think that this movie has wonderfully pertained to the Hollywood workplace and how it protects the powerful men in charge.

They exploit the women and call them liars for the things they stand up about and even go to a great extent to pay them thousands of dollars to shut them up. But Hollywood isn’t the only place where this happens. It happens everywhere.

Men take advantage of women with the power that society has given them, stripping power away from women as they do that. I think this was an amazing movie on the power that voices play in this world, especially for minorities and people who are too scared to share their stories. People forget that they have a voice just like everyone else and can use that as their weapon and protection.