Mental Health Recognition

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Simone Van de Sande, Staffer

Mental health- teens across the country have dealt with mental health for decades. With over 65% feeling comfortable talking about their mental with those closest to them, only 48% feel comfortable talking to trusted guardians regularly about this matter according to IPSOS. With this being such a serious matter so little come to actually talk about mental health.

Mental health is such a big part of many teens’ high school careers, talking to a counselor doesn’t feel like an option for some.

“No, I don’t feel like I could go to the counselors about it, I feel like the counselors would tell your parents and then they would get on you about it,” Desire Young (12) said.

As some students feel a certain way about going to counselors for help, Jennifer Harding, a social worker in the school, feels otherwise about coming to them for help.

“All students can go and see their counselors whenever they need assistance. If you need support, you just come down to the counseling office and we will get you someone right away. And for those students who have mental health needs a little beyond what a counselor would typically work with, is why there are two psychologists and of course a social worker, myself,” Harding said.

Harding feels as if counseling is a safe place. Harding does admit to the difficulty of going to school staff for the first time about something so sensitive.

“It’s kind of one of those things where you have to just jump in, and actually take a risk and do it that first time, after that the process gets to become way easier,” Harding said.

With talking to counselors being such a controversial subject, it can be hard to get the recognition and help you need when dealing with mental health.

Mental health plays a very big role in the everyday life of many. Some students feel as if there are other ways to help cope with difficult times.

“I feel that doing things that, make you happy, and trying to remain mindful of others, and who they are and how they feel,” Miguel Dominguez (10) said.

Having multiple ways to cope with mental health is something that should always be taken into consideration.

“I feel that therapists do truly help with mental health, talking to close friends is also a good way to communicate when dealing with mental health,” Emily March (9) said.

Mental health is something that over half of the population deals with. This is the main reason why the Cherry Creek School District needs to add more mental health help to its buildings.

“We have increased the number of Aurora mental health therapists in our buildings and they’re adding more to every building, as the need comes up,” Harding said, “Mental health is something I feel you deal with for a long time,  it doesn’t just go away which is why I feel that we need more people talking and recognizing what mental health is.”