How to Make a Club

Is making a club as easy as you think?

Nafees Abidi, Staffer

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1.Find a faculty member willing to sponsor your Club/Organization with full commitment and dedication. 

“Finding a faculty member to sponsor your club is often times the more difficult thing to do because we already have 50+ and there is only so many staff members that aren’t already doing something,” Activities Director Scott Cohen said.

2. Make sure 10+ people are willing to sign up for your club.

“School Board Policy requires that there are at least 10 members of any organization,” Cohen said.

3. Fill the District Wide Form and give it to Activities Director.

“The district will not allow certain clubs so we want the clubs to either be service-based or academic-based,” Cohen said. “It can not be athletic-based, [although] there’s a couple exceptions to that.”

4. The club has to be approved by AAA Committee which is an activities association through the district.clubs and activities at shhs

“Any time we get a new club that doesn’t exist in any other CCSD school I have to turn in an application to the district that then allows us to have that club,”Cohen said.

After the club has been approved, all these requirements need to continuously be met. The number of clubs are constantly changing, but right now we are at 52 clubs – including co-curricular clubs that take place in and out of class.

You can find a full list of clubs at

“We have removed some clubs in the past [because] their membership has decreased, especially if it’s a club where the sponsor is being paid to be a part of it,” Cohen said. “Then we like to allocate our funds in a position where those clubs that are active and have a lot of members have sponsors that are getting paid to do that.”


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