A Smoky Halloween costume look book

Sofiia Znakharenko, Co-Editor

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  • Students celebrate Halloween and donate to Make-A-Wish by dressing up in an assortment of costumes. A fairy, Looney Tunes character, KitKat, and Employee of the Month. participate in the widespread tradition.

  • A Jedi and ‘Napoleon Dynamite’.

  • Power (‘Chainsaw Man’) gives the camera a thumbs up.

  • Royalty roams the Smoky halls.

  • A fairy works her costume magic while repping a Make-A-Wish sticker.

  • Wednesday Addams and a purger bring in this Monday.

  • Displaying sports team pride with a Nuggets jersey.

  • Carrie grins for her winning shot.

  • Taking on the holiday in comfortable fashion.

  • A Sanderson sister exhibits her witchy style.

  • A steampunk theme makes its appearance.

  • Beast Boy and Shrek show off their green looks.

  • Swinging into Halloween with a Spiderman costume.

  • Delivering school spirit in ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ garb.

  • A bloody celebrator boldly shows off his costume.

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