Girl Bosses at Smoky

You are in charge of the direction in which your life goes

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Girl Bosses at Smoky

Amira Marie, Staffer

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A girl boss is someone who is in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it. A woman of character, hard-working and goal driven, mature and cooperative, a leader and a team player. We here at Smoky have many girl bosses. Ellie Chelf, Emmah Johannes, and Eliza Yadav are phenomenal exemplifiers of what it means to be a girl boss. They excel in various different aspects and fields, what they do have in common on the other hand is their vision for the future they dream of.

Yadav, an IB student, an athlete, president of Model United Nation and the National English Honor Society, is highly motivated by her background. “I go to India every year and seeing the underprivileged girls humbles me and reminds me how lucky I really am to live in the US and go to an American school, she said, “It has motivated me to work so much harder for not only myself, but woman as a whole. I know what’s expected of me.”

When trying to achieve something different, it’s easy to listen to those who doubt you or think you cannot do it. It’s important to ignore those negative comments and focus on yourself as it will only hinder you from achieving your goals. “A lot of people have doubted me and questioned the way I lead,” said our student body president Ellie Chelf. “People doubting me has motivated me to work harder as well as being the best leader and influencer I can for my STUGO kids.”

Always keep your eye on the prize! Whether it be a motivation board, a music playlist, or people who will cheer you on, keep motivation all around you. There are days where you will not feel like doing much or your goals seem too far to achieve, this is when you need the motivation to keep pushing. Johannes, an IB student, Track star, and XC runner would know all about that. “I’m very self motivated and competitive. IB has strengthened my mental capacity and taught me to never stop going. I always prepare for the worse or consider the possibility, it lifts pressure and makes me work a lot harder.”

Women make natural anarchist sand revolutionaries- Kim Gordon

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