Free School Lunch Upcoming 2023-2024 School Year

What school lunch means to the Smoky community and how it will effect the trajectory of the next school year


Gloria Namgung, Editor-in-Chief

As a result of the Colorado midterm elections in the previous year, voters successfully contributed to passing Proposition FF, which entailed the opportunity of free school lunch given to every student in the state.

“I mean, it’s just a matter of still making sure we have things flowing through the kitchen and things like that,” Director of Food Services, John Thompson said, “But that was through a state election that allowed for the funding to go that way for free lunch.”

Students can come to terms that this will be an overall beneficial addition to the community.

“I think it will be better just because it will be easier and like, if people can’t afford it now, they’ll be able to eat lunch because I know a lot of people don’t eat lunch so this will help out a lot,” Greta Smolenski (9) said.

It is up to debate if fewer students wait in line to buy lunch due to not being able to afford the meals or lack of options being available.

“Most of my friends eat lunch and sometimes, a lot of them buy it too,” Smolenski said, “I feel like if we had more and more [options] people would eat it and it would just be better all around.”

Nonetheless, it can be recognized that students aren’t able to buy a school lunch every day in a given school year.

“I’m happy that next year lunch is free for the students because a lot of students can’t afford it this year,” Lunch Services Worker, Debbie Rond said.

With school lunch being easily accessible to each student in the following year, lines could be significantly longer leading to more preparation being involved for the surplus of students.

“That right now I’m not sure what we’re gonna do, so we’ll have to work on it,” Rond said.

The outcome of what the cafeteria scene will look like in the upcoming school year is questionable and unanswered according to lunch service workers.

As a result of Colorado voters and state districts, universal free school lunches will be implemented to promote healthier and less hungry students in the public school atmosphere.