Fall Break 2022

An insight to a student’s fall break this school year

Fall Break 2022

Faven Getnet, Staffer

Day after day, we get closer to fall in October, most importantly, fall break. According to Jennifer Harding, Mental Health staff at Smoky Hill High School, “I think that our students should try to find the thing that’s going to help them to rejuvenate before we get back to school. So for some students, I think that’s going to look like resting and sleeping in and then kind of hanging out at home. And for some students, hopefully taking up a hobby, maybe doing some sports or things like that. But really, I think the most important thing is for students to use that time to rejuvenate and relax,”.

Fall break is a very special time for some students to have a break from school and spend time with family and friends. I asked Yohanna Gideon and Cinthia Rosales, students from SHHS about what they’re doing this fall break, and Yohanna said “I’m gonna be going to Cancun Mexico with my family for a week,” while Cinthia said, “I’m going to visit some family, friends and I’ll be going to the beach,”

Even if fall break is just a week it still helps students have the ability to have a fresh new start. Jennifer Harding believes, “I think for most of our students, breaks are really beneficial for most of our students, I think that breaks are really beneficial because it does give us a chance to rejuvenate and sort of rest our brains do get ready for the next challenge for the semester.” Students should really be using this time to ease up on school and work.

Fall break has a great impact on our mental health, social health, and physical health, “I think that fall breaks definitely relate to the social and the mental health side and possibly even the physical side, if it gives you more time to engage in some of those physical activities that you like, such as playing sports, or maybe going for hikes or things like that. I also know that again, just the ability to rest and relax is really important. And so that supports the mental health side. And as for social, I think that during the school year, a lot of students have a hard time making time to connect with their friends or important adults in their lives. And having that break, hopefully, gives them a chance to reconnect with those social connections as well.”

Fall break is a special time for most students and staff at our school, it gives us the ability to have that fresh start from all the assignments and work for students and staff at our school and lets us stay at home and relax or travel and do some hobbies we enjoy.

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