Culture and Community at Smoky

The school community is reputable for its diversity in clubs, athletics and culture


Smoky is fortunate to have a wide range of different communities that can be found in the various clubs and groups open for anyone to join. The different cultural groups, activities, and athletics make up the communities that are unique and special to the school.

Habesha Club is one of the many cultural clubs that are present in the school environment.

“Some events that we are involved in is Extreme Fest. You know, we sell cultural foods during Extreme Fest and it’s really popular so you know, that’s what I like,” Bisrat Demelash (11) said, “We do World Awareness to show our cultural dances.”

To specifically showcase the Ethiopian-Eritrean cultures, Habesha Club has cultivated special bonds and strong relationships.

“I really wanted to reconnect with that side of me because I feel like growing up I wasn’t really like represented enough with my background,” Demelash said, “I think that time spent together really brought us closer together and that kind of relationship that we have is mostly like a family.”

Another family-like community at Smoky can be found in the Cheer program.

“I love the team, I love the coaches, I love how it feels like a second family and it’s so welcoming,” Reyrey Darden (9) said.

The Cheerleading team can definitely say they are responsible for how school spirit looks in the Smoky atmosphere.

“I think we contribute to Smoky by like uplifting spirits, doing performances, fundraising, just being there and being proud of our school,” Darden said.

Although the Cheer Team is known for its athletic performances at school-wide competitions and pep assemblies, they are not the only group that can know how to put on a show.

“I joined the theater club because I’m a techie and I wanted to continue working in tech for the theater performances,” Sam Holguin (11) said.

Being a part of the technology crew or as a “techie” in the Theater program brings responsibility for bringing scenes to life.

“We prepare and build the sets together,” Holguin said, “We have our own little traditions, the theater is like a sacred place for techies.”

The different groups of people a student can identify themself as or be included in to be a part of a family is what makes Smoky one-of-a-kind.

“It’s a fun experience, I get to hang out with people that share a similar culture as me,” Cinthia Rosales (9) said, a member of Empowered La Raza.

The many opportunities students can find in different clubs, programs and tight-knit communities are endless. Inclusivity and building stronger connections can be found within the people that make up the community and ultimately make Smoky reputable for its true school spirit.