Busker Club

The school has many interesting clubs and activities and Busker Club may be one of the most unique

Sofiia Znakharenko, Co-Editor

During the pandemic, lots of people decided to pick up new hobbies. Sophomore Sammy Holguin was not an exception with him deciding to learn juggling over the quarantine; However, unlike many others, his small side interest bloomed into something much bigger, Busker Club. 

“I met some of my closest friends through juggling, and when we started juggling, it was a tight little group that we had. It [juggling] was really random but relatively easy to learn, and it just grew and grew so I started a club where we teach people how to juggle and supply people with props that they can use to learn how to juggle,” Holguin said. 

But as the club evolved and grew, juggling stopped being the sole focus. 

“Busker Club was originally going to be only a juggling club, but we decided to broaden it to the term busker, which is a street performer,” Holguin said.

The club’s members have a diverse assortment of reasons for joining other than just the performance aspects Busker Club provides. 

“I had some friends here and I always thought juggling was really cool. Like Sam would be juggling just everywhere in the school and I was like, that’s cool I want to learn how to do that, and [my favorite part is] making friends and learning new skills,” Faith Sparrow (10) said. 

One of the biggest benefits of Busker Club is the opportunity it can provide for students to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things. 

“Well, it’s a great way to use your time rather than just being on your phone or something. Learning a new hobby works on your hand-eye coordination, and it’s cool because people just come and hang out, learn some new hobbies,” club sponsor William Dutmer said. 

Busker club meets every Thursday directly after school in room 1-47, and with joining is as easy as showing up there may be many benefits to becoming a member. 

“People should join Busker Club because when you learn something that is, for a lack of a better term, as intimate as juggling, it honestly creates pretty close relationships, which is a whole other deal. It’s just, it’s fun. You get into this little group and you learn a skill that people can see and are so impressed by that you’ll have for the rest of your life,” Holguin said.