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Benefits of a Workout Schedule

Working out, everyone hates it, but it keeps us healthy

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Benefits of a Workout Schedule

Avery Bailey, Staffer

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Working out can be a hassle and not a lot of people like working out, but it keeps you healthy. If you don’t have a workout schedule, and or don’t workout at all, it could be bad for your health.

When you work out regularly, your body releases endorphins while you are exercising. These endorphins make you happy, so when you exercise regularly, it will reduce the risk of depression.

Continually working out becomes a natural habit. This habit can keep you healthy, and you can achieve your fitness goals if you stick with this workout habit.

If you are usually tensed or stressed having a workout schedule can reduce that tense or stressed feeling. When you reduce that tense feeling, you can focus better, which is good for study habits.

Having a healthy workout schedule promotes the loss of excess body weight. This promotion helps control a good, healthy body weight.

Being in a school sport, or other activity can help create a regular workout schedule, that becomes a habit quick. Let’s get exercising! 

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Benefits of a Workout Schedule