What You Should Know About Starbuffs

Information of how the school store called Star-Buffs works.

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What You Should Know About Starbuffs

Walter Bustamante, Staffer

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Star-Buffs is a store where students can go and buy themselves food or clothing. The school store is open second period as well as after school. Not many students know how to work at the school store or what class it is apart of, this is some of the need to know’s about the store that you might not know about.



Williams, Micah is a 10th grader at Smokyhill and an employee of the school store. He said, “You can work at the store if you’re in DECA, first you have to sign up for it and then take an interview. Depending on your off period is when you can work.”

Employees of the school store are working there for a multitude of reasons, whether it be to make new friends with other employees or for the fact that they wouldn’t need to take the marketing final. Williams said, “The cool thing about working here is that if you’re in marketing you don’t have to take the final…usually three to four people work here at a time”

Marfo, Terrence is a Sophmore student at Smoky Hill who works at Star-Buffs as the cashier. Terrence said, “My Job is at the cash register I take the money and give the change.”
Although the school store deals with collecting money for goods their employees’ arent paid, yet they receive a different type of compensation. Terrence said, “we don’t get paid if we work here but it gives us an extra grade and that helps us a lot, as well as we don’t need to take the final.”
Sometimes the school store is so busy that it stays open past hours to serve its customers. “we close 30 to 40 minutes after school is over…once we closed an hour after because we were so busy” Terrence said.

Torres Agosto, Jinelly is another Sophmore that works at the school store. She talked about what usually sells at the store, “we sell food to people as well as clothing, but we don’t sell the clothes as much as the food.”
 She also explained why the school store was exclusively open during second and fourth periods, “We only open in second period and fourth period because there’s breakfast in first period and we can’t open in third period because we would be interfering with lunch. On second period usually, nothing happens and after school, well kids start to leave.”
Jinelly also addressed the common misconception of how only Seniors could take marketing, “this class can be taken by sophomores and juniors, not just seniors.”



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