What Students Think of the Closed Innovation Centers

Innovation centers are taken out for the rest of the semester, what do students think about this?


Jonathan Fonseca David, Staffer

Due to many problems, the school has taken away innovation centers for the rest of the semester. Many students discussed this problem and their views on it.

Due to trashing, disrespect, and broken furniture and walls, school officials took away innovation spaces from students. They plan to take it away until Dec. 23, but of course, students are on break so they won’t be seeing it until they come back from winter break.

What do students think is the main reason the innovation centers were taken away from them?

“I truly think they [school officials] took it away because the students were trashing it and not picking after themselves,” Kiba Nichols (9) said.

Students now determine if this is a valid punishment to learn their lesson.

“I think it was a pretty fair one, but it takes it away from students using it for work,” Nichols said.

Not only are the innovation centers personal to students, but their peers as well.

“I didn’t mind but some people might be annoyed because they have to study in the library,” Landon Braisted (9) said.

With innovation centers now closed, the only spaces available for students is the library or cafeteria. The library has already grown in popularity.

“I went there [library] on Wednesday and it was hard to find an open table or even a chair,” Braisted said.

Last but not least we asked Freshmen Joshua Clark some questions, our first question was do you use these innovation centers?

“Yeah especially since this is one of the last weeks then study week,” Joshua Clark (9) said.

How will this help students for the upcoming semester?

“I don’t think this will be some help because when we get them back they’re [school officials] just going to do the same thing, but it can be good because they know if we trash it again, it’s going to be taken away for a long time even might be for the rest of the year,” Clark said.

It is obvious that students have their own opinions on the innovation centers being closed due to behavior issues. Many in the building are hopeful that these spaces will reopen soon to take advantage of the spaces in a well-mannered, purposeful way.