What Do People Think About Anime?

What even is anime, and why is it popular?


Tayler Sewick

Photo of sticker on Tayler Sewick’s laptop.

Tayler Sewick, Staffer

One of the many things people do in their off time is watch television shows, movies, or even play games. Anime can now be added to that list.

Anime originated in Japan after WW2 and was Japanese digital or hand-drawn animations. In Japanese, anime simply refers to all animated works. Anime contains a variety of animation styles, writing styles, and other works of literature and storytelling. Some anime are made specifically for a group of people, or to invoke a specific reaction from the people watching. With the vast amount of variety, niches are carved out and fandoms are made.

“There is a lot of weird, awesome, and clever stuff, and a whole other array of things. Anime can portray more than our current special effects, it’s also a way to expand on Japanese culture,” Dylan Grace (11), anime fan, said.

Junior Lukas McFadden, who wouldn’t call himself a fan but has watched some anime, likes the genre. “I personally don’t watch that much anime but the ones that I have watched I enjoyed a lot,” McFadden said.

Often, people think they dislike anime without ever watching it.

“I would recommend animes that I’ve watched in the past, but I don’t because so many people would judge me for no reason,” Micah Jolly-Piaseczynski (11) said.

To get started watching anime, consider popular shows like, “Attack On Titan” and “Log Horizon.”