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The Word that Has No Meaning

It's a word that your consciousness screams after your seventh attempt at a math problem, or a word that it utters during a migraine. Blarg.

Andrew Guerin, Staffer

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Blarg is a slang word, and is a word that can have no definitions or any definition you want. Although it sometimes is used in that regard it most often or not shows frustration, orc boredom.


To me blarg is a very magical word, although it seems as if a kid just smashed their face against the keyboard and proceeded to slide it around. You can still use it in a essay since its a real word just without a real meaning. Although you can use the word in a essay, it’s neither a noun or a verb but a interjection which can lead to incorrect grammar. So it is best used in dialogue especially humor.


Although blarg is a slang word that has no meaning, should we still use it in writing?


To me using the word blarg is only on special occasions in writing, other then shouting it out randomly I often use it in text to express my frustration over a assignment, but other then that in school I never use the word in formal writing. On rare special occasions though when you do get to use the world in dialogue use it. We as a generation need to spread the knowledge of this word’s existence, so those who don’t know how to express anger shout it and we all know how they are feeling. They are feeling blarg.

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The Word that Has No Meaning