The Benefits of Being Multilingual

There are several advantages to knowing more than one language. What could be some of them?

The Benefits of Being Multilingual

Kalani Winchester, Staffer

Being multilingual comes with many benefits. You can have a more diverse friend group and you have a wider understanding of a friend who speaks only one language. One of the biggest benefits you have of being multilingual is you don’t have a language barrier when learning in the school building. If you do, you could have a friend who speaks the same language and also English, so they can translate for you.

This makes everything very much easier for teachers. Not only for you but the teacher as well. Students who speak only one language have the biggest disadvantage when learning at a school that only speaks a language that’s not theirs. Students have the biggest trouble because they can’t complete any assignments due to their language barrier.

Kids in the building that are multilingual could help with this. In my opinion, they could have a buddy that they help in class. They could help with translating what is to be done in class. Being multilingual in general is just really cool. You can speak English, plus you can make connections with people who speak another language that you speak that isn’t English.

Overall, I think there are many benefits of being multilingual because it not only benefits you at school but it could also benefit your class and help people learn at an equal level. Language barrier isn’t something to worry about because you have a friend to help you out with that. So find a friend that speaks another language, you might learn something.