The 2019/2020 Wrestling Season

How is this season of wrestling going for Smoky Hill

Tayler Sewick, Staffer

The wrestling team for Smoky Hill has done better than they have in many years. This is good because the wrestling team hasn’t had that much love from Smoky Hill in the past couple years, and they need to be recognized for doing as good as they are this season. Before this year there has been a change in head coaches, this is the first season that Mr. Fisher, a teacher at smoky hill has had the chance to be the head coach for the wrestling team. “The team needs to practice a lot more and need to bond with each other not only as teammates but as friends as well if they plan to win the future match ups,” Fisher said.

Fisher also said that, “If we want to win we should do having fun other than yelling at each other because that’s no fun when your getting yelled at.”  The team is also trying their hardest to win the match ups they get, and they have and it has been going well these past couple weeks. The wrestling team is ready for whoever is next in their season and are excited to wrestle. A couple of the wrestlers said that they are all ready for the future match ups and they say that the team has bonded more than they thought they ever would.