Summer Jobs

Summer jobs and how helpful they may be


Aubree Maxfield

Aubree Maxfield, Staffer

As this school year is ending, and summer break is starting, students we’ll be going out and finding summer jobs. Employment rates for students are still lower from quarantine than some other statistics, allowing for more opportunity for kids that do want a job as there isn’t much competition.

Summer jobs are also a way for students to get comfortable in a job before going back to school. I believe that summer jobs are very important for kids to do as it allows the knowledge of the workforce and the ability to make money for themselves. It also allows them to gain a sense of responsibility and experience.

Many kids are able to keep their jobs and are able to make money continuously even as school starts back up.

According to an article by Zippia, “Over 30% of teens 16 to 19 of age had jobs in 2020.” It also stated, “Throughout the non-summer months of 2020, an average of 27.5% of teens held jobs.” 

According to an article by Walden University, “It can teach the relationship between earnings and education.” It also states that there are other benefits, for example, it reaches the value of money, the importance of budgeting, and teaches time-management skills.

Many job opportunities are open around the district which allows for many ways to earn money and make connections. If students want to, they could find a job they want. Summer jobs, although they can be competitive in some industries, can open up much for people and are extremely helpful. Some jobs that are open around this area are retail, fast-food, tutoring, babysitting, and more.