Study Tips for Finals

May marks the last month of the school year and period for students to study for upcoming final exams


Sophia Gnyra, Staffer

As finals week slowly creeps up, students begin to start studying. The problem for some is they don’t know how to, according to Point Loma Nazarene University. Here are some simple tips and tricks so that students can ace their finals. 

Find a space to study 

Remembering the information is half the task. Many students don’t realize that having a quiet, clean and safe space to study away from the background noise can help. An ideal study space should have a desk, a comfortable seat, proper supplies and any other materials and supplies that would help with studying.  

Get rid of distracting devices 

Distracting devices can hinder students’ studying experience and students may not fully be paying attention. While studying, it can test students’ self-control to not scroll on their phones.

Write out practice test questions 

This method can reduce the work to a few key points taught in the semester. It also prepares students for the actual upcoming exam. It will also help understand the gaps in the material a student can be missing.

Work with a study group 

Sometimes two heads are better than one. Grabbing a friend or family member to help ask questions and test on knowledge can be useful to learn concepts a student isn’t as comfortable with. 

Take breaks 

Although it seems unlikely, sometimes studying for hours at a time could lead students’ minds to wonder. Stretching, a quick walk and even a cat nap could make all the difference. Taking a break to clean up the workspace could help declutter the mind and take a moment to relax before getting back to work for the upcoming final. 

All students study in different ways. For the ones who don’t have any ideas on how to start and have effective knowledge when final exams roll around, these few key points could make all the difference.