Students May Prefer the Hybrid Schedule

Some students at Smoky Hill prefer the hybrid schedule over the full in person schedule.


Chris, following Covid procedures by wearing his mask

Isabella Holman, Staffer

When the hybrid school first started at the beginning of the 2020 school year, almost everyone was upset and missing full, in-person classes. We were sad about not being able to see our friends every day and fearful that our teachers wouldn’t give us enough information in class to cover the material on our own at home. But now that we’ve experienced hybrid learning, a lot of us surprisingly enjoy it more than full in-person school.

“I think it gives students more time to focus on schoolwork, spend time with family, and work on their mental health,” junior Maile Blair said.

These are some very important things that are just not as accessible with school five days a week, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Cherry Creek school district has decided a bit late in the school year to switch to the full-in person learning with close to only two months of school left. Students and staff have already had to undergo six changes to the schedule this year, many were looking forward to keeping this hybrid schedule until summer to just have some consistency.going back to full school for the last 7 seven weeks sounds weird and not worth the time and energy when we were doing just fine in hybrid,” said junior Anthonie Davis.

Even though most students disagree with going back to full in-person school this late in the year, certain parents and staff members are relieved that we will be returning to some normalcy. This was a tough decision for school districts to make so whatever the outcome is, let’s hope it’s beneficial for everyone.