Student Governments New Set Up

Stugo will be very different form last year. All the students are excited to see how everything is going to work and come along with smaller classes


Krystal Grider, Staffer

There is a big change in Student Government(StuGo) this year. Instead of having a bunch of  students in one class they split up the upper class from the lower class. Alexandra Bindley said ¨Its going to be a lot different for us planning homecoming because the comity is smaller. StuGo has to plan and have meetings and vote on the different activities StuGo is going to have after school during homecoming week.

Omar Ahram said ¨StuGo has completely shaped me as a person, i truly wouldn’t be the person i am today without StuGo, it has taught me leadership skills, how to put myself out there and has the biggest impact in my like at Smoky Hill. Maggie Robben said, ¨Its good but its really stressful, like getting everything ready and paying attention to the small details but its a lot of fun, i like having a lot of friends in that class and we all work really hard.¨ Most of the 11th and 12th graders have been in StuGo since freshman year. Ive asked 3 students in StuGo ¨How has StuGo shaped you as a person? All of their answers are related like Maggie Robben said ¨It has taught me a lot like communicating and we work a lot in public speaking.¨ I also asked Alexandra Bindley the same question and she said ¨ Definitely my public speaking skills because every year we always have a big project where we have to get up in front of the entire class and give a presentation and they at the end of every year we would have elections for like student body president, vice president and so on and just having to wright speeches and having to get up in front of 500+ people.