Stress with online schools

Stress During COVID-19


Triana Gonzalez Simmons, Staffer

The past few months haven’t been the best for everyone. Due to Covid-19 over 66% the US population is now in homelessness. Middle to lower class families have suffered the most. The pandemic has taken over 500 thousand lives and 29.1 million cases in the United States alone. 

During the past 10 months of Covid-19 the students in Cherry Creek have gone through 2 online school periods. When asked how has online classes affected her grades, a Noelani Zerr shared. “My grades have been better, since my parents have been more on me since we ‘had more time.’  It’s been very stressful for students adapting to a new learning environment and not being able to see others as much.

Students at Texas A&M University did a study. Out of 195 students 71% of students showed an increase in stress and anxiety levels due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

There are some good things about online classes. Students can pace themselves. Students don’t have to worry about the pace of the teaching instruction. Materials are there; the student gets to set his or her own pace. And, non-mandatory Mondays allow more personal interactions with teachers. And with online work, it always saves for editing and students don’t lose work or process.

Even with the few benefits of online learning, the constant changes that come with a new learning environment can cause stress on students.