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StandUp For Kids Donations

The AVID community here at Smoky is asking for clothing donations to help end the cycle of youth homelessness.

Haley Commons, Staffer

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Attention students! Do you have any new or used socks, beanies, blankets, sleeping bags, hoodies, or gloves that you are willing to donate to homeless children in the community? If so, boxes are waiting for your donations just outside the Activities Office, rooms 11-408 and 11-314, and other various locations around the school from now until Friday, Nov. 18.

The AVID community here at Smoky, run by teacher Mrs. Kleeman, is asking for your help to stand up for the homeless. Mrs. Kleemam is  asking for your generous donations of warm clothing for this upcoming winter.

“StandUp For Kids is a (non-profit) national organization,” Kleeman’s said. “There is a StandUp for Kids in Denver and every single Sunday, StandUp for Kids provides a meal for homeless teenagers (ages 21 and under) in the Denver metropolitan area. The mission of StandUp for Kids if to end the cycle of youth homelessness throughout the United States and they, the organizers of StandUp for Kids, also ask for specific things. In this case they asked me to get blankets, beanies, socks, and sleeping bags to provide for the children.”

20 AVID students are planning to go down to Commons Park together with Mrs. Kleeman on Nov.20 to serve the homeless youth in the community a Thanksgiving dinner. The donations that the students of Smoky Hill provided, will be handed out after everyone has had something to eat.

Anything helps! Even a pair of socks goes a long way! Items can be used as long as they are clean. Please be courteous when making your decisions for donations and thank you for your generosity! Not everyone is privileged.

If you would like to become more involved with the StandUp For Kids community or want to know more about them, see Mrs. Kleeman’s in room 11-408 for more details.   

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StandUp For Kids Donations