Spotify Users Face Technical Difficulties

Popular music streaming service Spotify faces some technical difficulties


Dana Mohamed, Staffer

As Spotify struggles to keep a stable app service, people are starting to panic and wonder whether or not they lost their music. Looks like that was a worldwide problem according to the top news and headlines these past few days.

“I tried logging in like four times and it kept glitching and logging out and then I started freaking out,” Izza Willsea said (9).

It also took a while to get back on track and actually let people sign in and find their music. Spotify went down on March 8 and launched back up later that day.

“I didn’t work until late at night but I was too tired to do the whole process of logging in again so I waited till the morning,” Izza willsea (9)

Also thank god most people were lucky enough to find their music and playlist exactly how they left it but I don’t know if others could find their music.

Some people thought it was just them and others thought their parents forgot to pay the bill.

“When it first stopped working I thought my mom forgot to pay the bill for Spotify premium,” Mj Anderson (10) said.

It’s a common mistake to forget about paying the bill; However, even the people who don’t pay for Spotify Premium cant log back into their accounts.

Most people didn’t freak out so I’m guessing it happens a lot but still people get scared of losing their music and playlists that they spent hours in making

“I use Spotify all the time, even when I go to sleep, so it was really tough for me to not use it for that long,” Anderson said.