Smoky ID Rule

Smoky Hill has instituted a new rule, requiring all students to wear their IDs



Pictures of SHHS IDs

Isabella Holman, Staffer

This year Smoky Hill has instituted a mandatory ID policy. All students must wear their ID at all times on campus. Smoky is not the first in the district to mandate this policy, most other schools in the have been doing this for the past year or two.


Some students oppose the IDs for varying reasons. One of the reasons is that since it’s such a new policy student are forgetful of wearing them and see it as a hassle. Most students though, understand the need for them and wear them regularly.


“The personal piece is the welcoming piece of wanting kids to be here and not just being your ID number,” said Trevor Van Luit, Head of Security at Smoky Hill High School. Van Luit knows that wearing the IDs is important but feels that they take away a personal aspect of getting to know the kids at Smoky. 


The district was already planning on making the IDs mandatory this year. With COVID-19 and the use of masks, IDs were even more needed and was easier to implement. 


“It shows that you actually go to the school and have, like, a reason to be where you are at a certain time,” said Emma Crain, a junior, who agrees with the ID policy and sees it as a positive way to keep track of students and maintain safety. 


“All six of us know every student that is supposed to be here,” said Van Luit. This shows how strongly the security team cares about students, being able to recognize every one of them.