Smoky Hill was Vandalized

On Sunday, Smoky was vandalized by an unknown person or group


Tyler Dortch, Staffer

Smoky was graffitied yesterday with obscenities and other remarks. Someone, or a group of people, spray painted an anarchist sign and an obscenity on our school’s mascot, the buffalo. The graffiti was removed yesterday into today. 

Windows on the activities entrance were graffitied, along with the main entrance doors and windows. A majority of students were appalled and disgusted by the vandalism, and some didn’t care.

Sophomore Liam Blasdale, was one of those students who didn’t necessarily care about the vandalism. “To be honest, it doesn’t affect me so I don’t care about it,” said Blasdale. When something doesn’t affect us directly we often do not see it as important. 

Sophomore Christabelle Deeng thought of the vandalism as disgusting. “I think it’s a super disrespectful and such a disgusting thing to do,” said Deeng. 

Many and most acts of vandalism are misdemeanors and can result in fines, and even jail time. Vandalism is most associated with inner city gangs, and gang activity. “Whoever did this and thinks it’s cool to draw that on school property, how would you feel if someone did this to your school,” said Deeng.

Junior Caleb LeMaire thought of the vandalism as normal, but disrespectful. “I don’t care because I don’t see this as such a bad thing, it’s disrespectful. But these types of things happen a lot,” said LeMaire. 

Photographs of the vandalism and defacing have been shared dozens of times on Snapchat and other social medias. Students from other schools voiced their opinions as well.