Smoky Hill Students Can’t be in the Hallways

From the passed few years students have been kicked out of the hallways on their off period


Krystal Grider, Staffer

    Around Smoky Hill High School i’ve been hearing kids talking about ,“ugh this is dumb why we cant be in the hallways on our off period,” So I wanted to go more deep into it and start asking the professionals. I interviewed Trevor Vanluiet the head security guard of Smoky Hill High School. One of the main questions I asked was ,“What made the security guards start the rule about why students can’t be in the hallway on their off periods?” Trevor said, “ we try and keep the hallways clear of academic purposes and safety purposes. The academic purpose is the distraction of students in the hallway, pulling students out of class, walking by your friends class and tell them hey let’s go to the bathroom or walk around the halls. The safety side of it is if we keep hallways clear so things don’t happen in the hallways when students are supposed to be in an academic class.” Another question asked was, “Has this rule been here since Smoky hill has started?” Trevor replied, “No, In 1974 when the school was opened things were different we were in a different day and age now where we have implemented the rules and make sure safety is our #1 priority of students. So I think some of these things have been in place they’ve been talked about in the last couple of years but I think it’s something we gotta hit heavy now just so we can eliminate safety vulnerability.”

    Some students don’t know the reason behind the rule and just think the security guards are rude. Over these last few days i’ve interviewed a couple of Smoky Hill students. I asked Nargis Khodjaeb, “do you think students should be allowed in the hallways on their off period?” Nargis replied with “It’s a yes and no because I think we are just bored so we wanna walk in the hallways but at the same time we shouldn’t because we are disrupting other classes.” the next question I asked was “ Do you think this rule should be more enforced this year?” Nargis said, “No, because I like walking around getting my blood flowing, I hate sitting down and not getting to do anything else.” the last question I asked was “Do you think security guards are being very tough on students about being in the hallway?” Nargis said “Yes! Yes!” The last student I interviewed was Blake Semore. I also asked him the same question about “Do you think students should be allowed in the hallways on their off period?”Semore replied, “ No because they shouldn’t be able to mess around and not do their work, they should at least be in the library doing their work.” The final question I asked was, “ Do you think security guards are being tough on students this year than any year.” Semore said, “ I wouldn’t say that because every year it changes.”