Smoky halls fill with students for first time this year

Crowded classes change learning


Triana Gonzalez

1R – Ms. Wolleson’s Honors Geometry April 8, 2021

The way teachers and the school can really affect how students comprehend the new learning. “Everything we say and do in the learning environment has the potential to positively or negatively impact student competence, confidence and comprehension.”

In the school year of 2020-21 students in the Cherry Creek school district have been learning differently than what they have been doing in their years in school. Senior Jalani Smith had thoughts on the return to full-time learning.. “It’s been a lot harder because I have to teach myself a lot more on my own than I would normally,” Smith said.

The students at Smoky Hill High School have adapted to their new way of living in general. On top of that, the school schedule has changed three times within the one school year. Students need stability to keep up with all of their classes and outside lives.

When there are too many students in one classroom, students get less one on one. The students also have a lot of distractions when there are more students. According to an article published by Edutopia on May 20, 2014, researcher Mark Phillips said, “It’s conventional wisdom that different types of instruction require different seating arrangements. It’s also a no-brainer that classrooms should be inviting, environments that make students feel good to be there.”

Constant changes in teens lives can affect them mentally and physically. Over the year, students went from seeing people every day to twice a week to never and back to every day. Yes it’s good to see your peers but changing the new routine that students got used to.