Required Summer Reading for Advanced Classes

Here are the books you have to read over the summer

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Required Summer Reading for Advanced Classes

Brennon Fuller, Staffer

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Every Summer when you either start High School, or are continuing to the next year, you have to read. It is required  for all AP/IB and english honors classes. For MYP and Honors classes Every grade has a choice between two different books. For Advanced Placement Literature you have a wide variety of four different books.


For Advanced Placement (AP) Language you’re not as lucky. You are required to read Black Like me by John Howard Griffin. A majority of students might not like summer reading, they might think it’s boring and a waste of time.


 English Department coordinator Kersten Mulan has this to say about the Summer Reading, “ There is what they call the summer slide, where you’ve been reading and training your brain for eight months then when summer hits you, you just shut off  for three months and just reading over the summer can help you not flip backwards and you can keep up with what you read and learned over the school year .”


Some students really dislike the required summer reading. “I think the required summer reading is a bad use of my time and if we had to read over the summer I’d rather have free choice of a book that I have to read. Even though it is required I know a lot of students that don’t do the reading either way and it doesn’t affect their grade so what is the point,” said by Ethan Schieck


The required summer reading list for all of the advanced classes are above for the 2019/2020 school year.

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