Religious Holidays For Muslims

How it feels having to go to school on holidays

Dana Mohamed, staffer

Having to go to school on our own holidays can be really tough for some of us with religions other than Christianity. As a Muslim at Smoky Hill, a lot of our holidays actually tend to be in the middle of the week and on school days, so it’s either we don’t go and still have to make up the work or we go to school and don’t celebrate.

I think that schools, in general, should be cautious of other holidays in other religions, for example, if a parent calls to excuse their kid for a religious reason they should be automatically excused from everything that day including the assignments.

I think its only fair due to the fact that we have 2 weeks and a half off on Christmas and new year when not all of us celebrate it, honestly, a lot of people deal with this and I don’t really think it will really affect the school especially because other religions might not have as many holidays as Christians.

students should be able to choose if they want to do the assignments or not, teachers still shouldn’t put any type of force or pressure just because it’s something that they cannot control.

In addition to that, some students actually take offense when it comes to stuff like this so instead of being harsh and strict about it we should really try to understand their point of view if they’re trying to celebrate but still are thinking about what they’re going to do at school the next day, what they need to make up, and if their grade will drop.

The point being, if other students can go and peacefully celebrate their holidays and not worry about school for 2 weeks then the school can definitely look at other cultures and holidays from other points and see what they can do about it.

But it all comes down to the day the holiday falls on, so who knows because the school might not even need to give any days off for anyone.