Quarantine Actvities

This is how the smoky hill communityis spending their time in quarantine


Arian Jensen, Staffer


On Thursday March 26th, 2020 at 8 a.m. the state of Colorado declared an emergency Stay At Home Order. Let’s be real, being in quarantine is not fun and it is hard to keep yourself busy. Junior, Taylor Miller, Senior, Miranda Johnson, and Junior, Hanna Morrison all share what they have been doing to keep themselves occupied during this pandemic. 


“During quarantine I have been doing hikes, walking around the park with my dogs, sitting outside and listening to music,” said Miller. “Some things I do when I am bored are clean the house, play with my dogs, and watch Netflix.” 


Although staying inside is a safer way to protect yourself and others from the corona virus, it’s also very important that you stay busy or else it will lead to stir craziness.“I’ve been watching Netflix shows, sleeping, cleaning a lot. Also I have been playing club penguin,” said Johnson. “I’ve also been working out and I think others who are bored should do some workouts or cook or go on a walk around the neighborhood or watch movies”


If you are tired of going on walks, doing homework, or being on your phone, you can also play some of your favorite video games to take your mind off of the real world. It’s great to stay updated with what’s going on right now, but sometimes hearing about the virus can get a bit overwhelming. Set aside some time each day for social media and also for not going on your phone.


“I’ve been trying to stay busy by going through my room. I’m trying to get rid of things that no longer have purpose for me and organizing.” said Morrison. “My room had been neglected for quite some time and it needed to be done. I’ve been face timing friends and going on walks when I’m able to.” There are a lot of unknowns and it can be really hard to stay calm and busy on other things when you’re always listening to the news, social media posts, and texts from your friends and family. It seems like everything you read, watch, and hear is all about the corona virus. It is important to stay safe buffs and just know that you can keep yourself busy and occupied.