Police use Social Media to Fight Crime

Social media has other great uses

Issac Rodriguez, Editor

  • 20151022_110753 (2)Smoky Hill High School officer Smick’s job is to be a resource for the community, as well as the faculty in the school, and the surrounding community parents that live in the general Smoky Hill campus area.

Police use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to fight crime. “I wish that there could be a social media site out there that would just report the facts and leave the opinion based side of things out of it,” Smick said.

A story reported by ABC News explained that someone they interviewed (Chicago resident) showed reporters how sites were used to promote violence. “If you look at what’s going on in our society and anybody who pays attention to the news, how many times in the past has social media in one form or another prevented a high school attack or even a workplace violence attack,?” Smick said.

A 2014 survey conducted by the International Associations of Chiefs of Police discovered that among 600 law enforcement agencies questioned, about 95 percent noted using social media, stated in an article by 9news. Smick said that police and other law enforcement should be able to use social media to fight crime, and without it [social media] there would be a lot more violence.