Players Feel Practice After Season Should Be Optional

Loralee Bandy, Staffer

Some sports at Smoky Hill continue to have practices after the game season ends. Players feel that continued practice is a good thing, but would be better if it was optional.

Girls’ Lacrosse is one of the teams that don’t have practice after their last game.

“There should be practices after the last game because there is still always room for improvement,” says sophomore Ashley Stevenson, a midfielder for the varsity girls’ lacrosse team. “But the team should still spend time together, because you’re still a team and forming a bond will help with the next season.”

Several athletes such as Ashley would be eager to keep the team together by arranging practice days for those who want to participate.

Other teams, such as Girls’ Tennis, continue to have practice after the official game season ends. Girls’ Tennis practice lasts another 2-3 weeks until their banquet.

“I think there should [be practice after the game season ends] because a lot of people love the sport and should be able to play,” states Elisabeth Bristol, a sophomore JV tennis player. “However, at the same time with AP exams and other end of the year things, practice should not be mandatory.”

Having practice for a sport provides the opportunity to build teamwork skills, improve at the sport, and stay fit. For these reasons, some say it should be mandatory or highly encouraged, which some sports adhere to.

Others claim that people who are less dedicated to the sport and busy with other work shouldn’t be forced to continue practice when it is no longer useful with regards to winning competitions or improving the team’s statistics.