Paying Their way Through Life

Many families of higher wealth caught paying bribes to get their kids into high end colleges

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Paying Their way Through Life

Tyler Dortch Tori Griffey, Staffer

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Over the past week TV actresses Felicity Huffman,Lori Loughlin, and many others got charged $500 Billion for bribing colleges to get their kids into the top schools. Many families of higher wealth have been paying coaches at colleges to say they are on a athletic team so they get scholarships but aren’t actually won’t be on the team at all.


Smoky Hill athlete Kenny Foster said, “I think that every kid deserves a opportunity to get there [into college or on a team] but I think it’s unfair in a sense to pay coaches and schools to have your kid be on a athletic team just because from my circumstance my family has had to work for everything we got.”


Not only are people bribing coaches they are paying ACT and SAT administors to change answers on these tests or just let the kid have as much time as they need to take the test. This therefore is giving these kids higher or scores and is making it all around easier on the kid.


“I agree with tutors for the ACT and SAT but once you start impacting others lives because your paying someone to make your life easier I think that is where it gets to be unfair. It’s a tough topic to talk about because kids who don’t have that level of money it’s hard for them to get to that point because their families can’t pay for them,” Foster said.


More Information from the New York Post-


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