Next School Year Resolutions

See what students want to change next school year and maybe you can change some things too.

Bianca Richerson, Staff

Since the school year is coming to and end students are getting ready for summer, but instead of just focusing on summer, some students are already focusing on next school year and what they’re going to do different.

Some students have academic goals for next year. Sophomore Yasab Salvatierra said, “Next year I don’t want to procrastinate as much because hanging out leads to stress and anxiety because of how much time is wasted and without procrastinating because I feel like I will be more organized and I won’t be as stressed out and so behind and my grades would be better so, I want to change that next year,” Salvatierra said.

Also, junior Emilee Cabrera said, “I want to change how I use my off period and to be more organized and I say that because right now I’m a little unorganized and my notes are everywhere so next year I want to be more organized so I can keep my stuff together,” Cabrera said.

There are students who also are feeling really proud and accomplished of how this school year went, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to do even better next year. Freshman Austin Welly said, “ Next year I want to work harder but my grades are pretty good right now but I wanna work harder so I can get a 4.0 gpa and I want to study a lot more and take more notes during class,” Welly said.

Other than just students, teachers are also wanting to change their teaching skills with their students as well. Smoky Hill chemistry teacher Kathleen Kleeman said, “ At the end of the school year I want to see all of my students grades and see what my students struggled with the most and next year I want to make sure I improve the unit that was most struggled with so I can help my students be successful.”