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March Madness

It's finally here, get ready Buffs!!

Michael Boyd, Staffer

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Next week is when March Madness starts.

The atmosphere at Smoky will be intense and exciting while the games are being played. For the students who want to keep up with the games and watch some of the games, you want to know about this.

Smoky Hill will be playing the games on some of  the t.v’s around the school. I love this time of the year because if you know your teams you wont get disappointed. I personally like UCLA and hope that they win. We all however have our opinions on who we want to see win.

These are really suspenseful moments not for not just the students.Teachers all around Smoky will be interested in the games hoping that the teams in their brackets will be the ones to pull through and win. “ I need to check my brackets and make sure I’m making the right picks for it” Mrs. Reseigh said.

One thing that I do not want to promote is ditching or leaving class for long periods of time just to watch the game. You are not going to die if you miss a game just wait till you are on your off period or when you are at lunch.

This can be a great time for everyone just do not abuse the privileges that our kind and generous school is offering us.

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March Madness