Latino World Alliance

Exposure to the Latino community in Colorado


Alexandra Lopez, Staffer

Every Tuesday, a group of students meets in room II-307 for a club. Latino World Alliance. It’s open to all students at Smoky Hill. The club works towards doing projects & activities.

“We plan activities that show our culture to the rest of the students in the school,” club sponsor Ms. Larrahona said.

Latino World Alliance has done multiple projects like participating in World Awareness week & participating in the Homecoming parade. 

“I think it’s a really good opportunity for not only Latino students but also for students from different cultures and different necessities to really get to know one another. And to really work against the ignorance that that perverted a lot of systems that can cause that can lead to discrimination and people getting hurt. So it’s a really good opportunity for anyone who wants to join,” Larrahona said.

This club is a chance to learn more about yourself and others.

“Our goal is to share and to help others to understand who we are Because we’re not a race,” Ms. Larrohona said. “we’re a culture and a very diverse culture that includes white people, Native Americans, and often Latino students. Everybody that feels represented with the Latina culture.”

“Just hearing about it from a Spanish teacher meant that I was just hearing “Hey, you know, we have this club,” club member Alejandro said. “I showed up to one meeting my freshman year, and then I did because I’ve got busy but then sophomore year and especially now junior year just getting more involved in being able to meet other people make new friends. That’s really what’s keeping me going.”

The main goal is to show up and have fun. There are about — students in the club. They all have different reasons for joining the club. Whatever those reasons were, new friendships, experiences, and growth happened along the way.